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Have you been chatting away about lashes and look over to your husband who is sitting there, watching a video on his phone letting out the obligatory uh-huhs and realise he just doesn't care about lashes like you do?  Or you get to your salon and would love to troubleshoot some problems or bounce some cool ideas off someone but there is no one there?  Come to Lash Vision Australia!  

Stop making your clients wait 24 hours before they get their lashes wet!

 For those that have been trained in lash extensions for quite some time (and maybe recently too!), we were all advised to tell our clients to wait a full 24-48 hours before getting their extensions wet.  Back in "the day" our adhesives weren't as great as they are now and our adhesive took a long time to cure (our cyanoacrylate based adhesives don't dry in the air, they cure with moisture).  Not only are our adhesives now far superior but so is our knowledge of them and how they work.  

Competition Time!

Have you heard about Australia's first ever live lash competition coming up in July- the Sunshine Pro Series! It is being held at the Brisbane Hair and Beauty Expo hosted by Joy Crossingham of Brisbane Lashes.  

Henna Colour Help!

The Henna Spa Professional range has been incredibly popular since its launch.  Without a doubt, the most common question we get asked, is what do the colours look like?!     We we have had a very kind client of ours apply the Henna and provide us with photos and names...

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Help! This new lash adhesive is ruining my business!

A quick scan of lash forums / groups will show you just how much of a problem introducing new eyelash extension adhesive (or any new product for that matter) to your business can be if you don't go about it in the right way.   Most adhesives on the market...

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