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5 Steps to the Perfect Brow...

5 Steps to the Perfect Brow...

At some point, we have all seen that beautiful brow shaped to perfection by a master brow artist and wondered just how they achieved it.  Here are our 5 top tips to creating the perfect brow for your client!

1. Trim overgrown hairs - this is a controversial one as some artists believe you shouldn't trim as it creates blunt ends but we feel this helps your client retain the shape at home.  You can carefully trim with our Precision Brow Scissors - they are super sharp so take it slow!

2. Tint the brow area - If there are any super fine baby hairs hiding, tinting will help make them more noticeable, making the brow appear thicker.  You can't go wrong with the Belmacil or Refectocil Lash & Brow tint ranges

3. Remove the unwanted hair, starting with fuzzy hairs a little further away from your brow design with Adam & Eve Lust Hot Wax Beads, our best selling hot wax!  Proceed to hone in on your design using our Italian made Precision Slant Brow Tweezers. For the absolute perfectionists we have our super fine Precision Pointed Brow Tweezers.  

4. Fill in gaps with your favourite brow product such as a luxurious silky Brow Balm.  You can take this a step further and provide a lesson for your client, gently showing them the way!  This not only cements you as an expert in their mind, but will more than likely lead to a retail sale for you.  Every client needs brow products for home use!  

5. You might think the hard work has finished, but that's just for today - rebook your client to ensure they come back in a suitable time frame to keep their brows looking great and their hands away from their own tweezers!  

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