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Introducing new treatments & how to PRICE them!

We have had so many requests lately for help with pricing new services such as Henna Spa brows and Elleebana Lash Lifting that we thought we would do a quick blog post to help you if you need it!

When bringing in any new treatment it will be a process of fine-tuning.  Initially it will take you a little longer to do the treatment until you get into the hang of it.  

Generally speaking a lash lift & tint process will take you 45 minutes for a first time client (just to allow a little extra time if you need to reprocess the lift) and if you take great notes on what works for that client, follow up appointments will only be 30 minutes.  Salons over Australia charge anywhere between $75 - $125. 

We recommend only offering a lash lift with a tint and not as an add on option as it will amplify the effects of the lift.  You must only use Belmacil brand of tints, as using other brands can actually drop the lift. Tip: to give your clients something different, consider mixing the black and violet tints for the lash tint!  

Henna Spa brows is a little different in that the time it takes varies widely on how long it takes you to shape.  Although the henna does need to process for a longer time, you will be shaping with henna and can more easily remove hair around it.  If you purchase/d the Henna Spa Professional kit, you will notice is it a complete treatment. 

Salons have been charging anywhere from $35 (henna service only) to $125 for a complete eyebrow design including henna.  Given it is a more luxurious and exclusive service – a premium price should be charged. 

Of course, you should always consult your figures first and make sure you smash through your hourly break even point!  If you don’t know your figures as yet, it may be best to consult with your trusted accountant. 

It can be intimidating introducing a higher priced luxury service.  Rather than introducing it directly at a discounted rate, I always find its best to introduce it at the desired rate but with an introductory offer.  Remember its always much easier to go down than it is to try and increase prices. 

Example 1 – introducing at a discounted rate without benefits of henna – X Salon is introducing Henna Brows in March 2017!!  $75 for March only.  In people’s minds – henna brows will be worth $75 and in April, they may be hesitant to book in because they saw in March it was only $75.

Example 2 – introductory offer with benefits of henna.  X Salon is introducing Henna Brows!  Your brows will look amazing for up to four times longer and is only $100 including brow design.  We are offering an introductory special for March only for $75.   This cements in your clients minds the treatment is worth $100 and creates urgency by offering a lower price for a limited time. 

Before introducing your new service we always recommend trialling on non-paying models.  Take this opportunity to really perfect the service and take some amazing photos.  Try finding models with unusual features such as a striking eye colour or super long lashes. 

We hope this helps to introduce amazing new treatments more confidently!

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