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Stop making your clients wait 24 hours before they get their lashes wet!

Stop making your clients wait 24 hours before they get their lashes wet!

For those that have been trained in lash extensions for quite some time (and maybe recently too!), we were all advised to tell our clients to wait a full 24-48 hours before getting their extensions wet.  Back in "the day" our adhesives weren't as great as they are now and our adhesive took a long time to cure (our cyanoacrylate based adhesives don't dry in the air, they cure with moisture).  Not only are our adhesives now far superior but so is our knowledge of them and how they work.  

Fast forward to 2024 (although we have had this knowledge for some time now), and we now know that our adhesive is mostly cured before your client opens their eyes!  As the adhesive cures, harmful vapours can settle on your client's delicate and thin under eye skin - this can actually be the cause of the sensitives and allergies we see on a small amount of clients.  Removing these residues is a small step you can take to minimise this risk!

So, how do you go about it?  Well firstly, we like to do a complete crosscheck of the eyelash extensions to ensure there are no stickies, using our favourite tool, the angled isolation beak.  We then fan dry with a small hand held fan (the old style air puffers feel terrible to us, but we have them in stock if you like them).  Your client should then be able to open their eyes.  Then we nanomist.  Once thought to help cure the adhesive, we still use this step because we and our clients love it, its the best feeling - nice and refreshing for tired eyes that have been closed (or concentrating) for the last hour or so.  Then you can go ahead and wash those nasty settled vapours using Lash Cleanse and a Small Cleansing Brush we specifically designed to be economical enough to throw out or give to your client after.  A rinse with warm / room temperature water and a final dry off to fluff out those extensions and your client is good to go!  Your clients are going to love not having to wait to shower / bathe.

Now, should you go and roll this out for all of your clients immediately??  NO!  This is the time to take responsibility for practices and procedures you bring into your own salon.  I highly recommend trialling this on one close family member or friend with reliable retention.  If your application is on point, retention will not be affected.  Once you see this for yourself, you can roll it out to a few more trusted clients and once you are completely confident, roll it out to everyone.  

Want to see it in action?  Check out this video that broke the (lash world's) internet!  This is Jill Heijlingers-Peloquin from LashFX - our favourite USA Beautier Distributor.  Not only is she responsible for this video but she was a co-host of the Global Lash Summit event in Long Beach California in 2015 where we all got to meet Doug Schoon.  Together they are responsible for sharing some of the best education in the lash world today!

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  • Katharina Soll on

    Hi Renee can you send the link to the full video? Would love to see how nano misting is done

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