• Henna Brows are so HOT right now!
  • Renee Gurney
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Henna Brows are so HOT right now!

Its clear that brows really are the new black of 2016.  The beautiful brow trend has been growing for some time.  Beautiful brows and lashes go hand in hand so if you arent offering brow shaping with your lash extensions, now is the time to start!  

Henna Spa Professional is a beautiful complete henna system that provides products from cleansing, to colouring, to the regrowth gel that are all designed to work with each other.  For this reason its highly recommended you purchase the Henna Spa Professional Kit to get you started with this range.  

Depending on your client's skin henna will last on the skin for around 7 days and in the hair for 4 weeks.  It is a great natural alternative to traditional tints. 

Buy now and start offering your clients what they want!  Still not convinced?  Check out these beautiful before & afters!


You can make brows as subtle or as noticeable as you like!

Fill in sparse brows with ease!

A more dramatic change with Henna Spa Professional

  • Renee Gurney
  • HennaHenna Brows

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