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5 Reasons to start offering Elleebana Lash Lifting today!

5 reasons to start offering Lash Lift today!

Have you been thinking about adding a Lash Lift / Perm treatment to your menu?  Now is the time to do it!  

Why Elleebana?

1. Fastest developing lash lifting product available = quicker treatment time.  Combined with the low cost of treatment means maximum profits (some salons charge anywhere up to $115 for Lash Lift & Belmacil Lash Tint).

2. Offering a full range of lash related services establishes you as an expert in the field.

3. You can offer an alternative to eyelash extensions for those clients that are allergic, or wont spend the time & money on upkeep.  

4. You can re-process immediately if the lash lift is not strong enough, unlike some other perming methods.

5. You can enter 2016 Elleebana Global Lash Lift Artist Competition & win amazing prizes!! 

Elleebana Lash Lift with Belmacil Dark Brown Tint, performed
by Victorian trainer, Kimberley O'Beirn.

Don't know what to order?

There are a range of kits offered by Lash & Brow Professional that will get you started!

Elleebana Lash Lift Kit with Correspondence Course - Perfect for people with no experience in lash lifting or those that would like certification (this may be a requirement of your insurance company).  This kit includes a full size Lash Lift Kit, instruction manual & poster.  You have the opportunity to submit 3 case studies for certification.  If you need extra help, you can call head office for support.

Elleebana Lash Lift Full Kit - Everything you need to start offering lash lifting right away!  It contains 30 neutraliser & perming solution sachets.  If you are quick, you will get a bonus 5 neutraliser & perm lotion sachets, if you order here.  

Elleebana Lash Lift Starter Kit - Great if you want to dip your toe in and test the waters with a smaller investment.  It includes the same materials as the full kit, with only 15 sachets of the neutraliser and perm lotions.  We know you will be back for more, so have stocked up on the individual components for when you need to reorder!

Still unsure on whether lash lifitng is for you?  Watch the videos here to see how simple and amazing this treatment really is!  

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