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Henna Colour Help!

Henna Colour Help!

The Henna Spa Professional range has been incredibly popular since its launch.  Without a doubt, the most common question we get asked, is what do the colours look like?!  


We we have had a very kind client of ours apply the Henna and provide us with photos and names to help everyone choose which one to choose!  A very big thank you to Jacqui Doogan of Lashious Eyelash Extensions & Eyebrow Design from Gladstone for providing the pictures below.  


Have you got pictures of your own you would love to share?  Send them through with your watermark on them, and your website so we can list them on our blog and credit you for them - great for search engine optimisation!


We are also asked what products are the best to buy to try before investing in the whole kit.  This is really going to depend on what you have already.  We suggest picking one or two of the colours you feel would suit your client base.  If you have cleansers and mixing bowls etc already, the only other item we suggest definitely getting is the Fixative.  Once you have tried it, we have no doubt you will be back for the whole kit!  


We will be exhibiting at Beauty Expo Australia in Sydney on 20 - 21st of August (more details on that soon) - and we will have plenty of kits on hand!!


Henna Spa Professional - Arabica

Henna Spa Professional - Brownie

Henna Spa Professional - Cappuchino

Henna Spa Professional - Dark Chocolate

Henna Spa Professional - Lavazza

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