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Want to know the difference between Authentic Mink vs Faux Mink vs Silk vs Acrylic Eyelash Extensions?

Authentic Mink eyelash extensions are fibres farmed from the Mink.  Manufacturers claim this is done by gently brushing the mink, but this is hotly debated by animal activists.  Lash & Brow Professional choose not to stock authentic mink lashes.  Despite the probable harming of animals, they are in our opinion an inferior product that is more difficult to work with, has shorter retention, are very irregular and lose its curl before a refill is due.

What a lot of people don’t know is that the following three names are purely just marketing terms made up by manufacturers or suppliers that want to differentiate their products.  All three are a synthetic fibre called Polybutylene terephthalate (PBT).  There is absolutely no silk, mink or acrylic in any of these lashes. 

Acrylic is a term regularly given to loose lashes.  Occasionally people will refer to them as an inferior product and sometimes charge less for the service.  This is untrue, they are actually the same lash you will find in the trays, they just haven’t been lined up on thermo-adhesive strip yet! 

Did you know… The lashes you see in trays have been hand curled, and also lined up on the adhesive strips by hand!  This is why you will generally find the better quality lashes will have a more consistent curl and workability – because the factory has stringent standards and as a result the lashes cost more to produce. 

Faux Mink and Silk lashes are marketing terms thought up by the manufacturers as they know that people love to give things labels!  The actual difference between the two will differ from manufacturer to manufacturer. 

For example, Lash & Brow Professional stock the Prime range of lashes made by Beautier.  The Prime Silks have a more matte finish, making them appear a little more natural.  The Prime Minks have a slight sheen or gloss.  Neither is the better lash, they are just slightly different in texture and look. 

In the Bislash range, also stocked by Lash & Brow Professional, the Faux Mink lashes are said to have a slightly tighter curl than the Silk lashes.  (Personally we feel you will be able to change between the two and not notice a huge difference). 

Not all PBT fibres are created equally though – just like there’s a Commodore and a Porche – there are better types of PBT fibres.  Generally, a more expensive fibre will be consistently darker, consistently curled and easier to work with. 

How do you pick a good fibre?  Well firstly – order from a supplier you trust and one that can answer your questions!  Secondly, if you have found a fibre you like the look of and works nicely for you, then what more could you ask for?  Generally speaking, a lower price means lower quality.  If you are searching for something better, we don’t believe you will find better than Beautier’s Prime range of lashes.  Consistently super dark lashes, made with care.  Beautier do a lot of research and will not release a new series until they have been tried and tested by trusted lash artists all over the world. You can check out their range here: 

 Did you know… PBT fibres are not only used for making lashes, they have other uses, one being the bristles in some toothbrushes! 

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