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Help! This new lash adhesive is ruining my business!

Help!  This new lash adhesive is ruining my business!

A quick scan of lash forums / groups will show you just how much of a problem introducing new eyelash extension adhesive (or any new product for that matter) to your business can be if you don't go about it in the right way.  

Most adhesives on the market today are great quality and will produce great results if used correctly.  Before writing off the adhesive as no good, run through a check list and try to work out why it might not be working for you. 

1. Try it with only a small number of clients (preferably friends or family).  If things go wrong, you wont need to work for free for a week to fix up all the refills!

2. Keep everything else the same when you are trialling a new lash adhesive.  If you try using a different eyelash cleanser at the same time, how will you know which one is affecting retention?  

3. Are you cleansing the natural lashes properly.  We always recommend using a professional lash cleanser and rinsing properly.  

Lash & Brow recommended product:  Chrissanthie Lid Cleanser

4. Are you priming?  Did you know that some lash extension adhesives don't work well with lashes that have been primed?  

Eg: It is recommended you do not prime with JetSet Lash Extension Adhesive

5. Where did you buy your adhesive?  From a supplier you can trust to hold good stock that is always fresh?  Someone who has furthered their education on how lash adhesives work?

6. How are you storing the adhesive - is it in a cupboard facing the sun, or in a dark cool place?  Have you put it in the fridge and opened it while still cold (a huge no-no!).

7. What are your working conditions and do they match your suppliers recommendations?  

You should be tracking temperature and humidity with a Hygrometer.

8. Is the adhesive just too fast for you or your conditions?  We all think an expert level adhesive will somehow give us expert level results.  But you really need to assess whether your technique allows you to work with a 1 second adhesive. We all work differently and there is absolutely no shame in dropping to a slower adhesive!  If lashes are popping off while you are brushing through, chances are the adhesive has started to set before you got to the natural lash.

9. Are you following instructions on how to use the adhesive?

Your current adhesive might recommend a small bead be picked up while the new one requires no visible adhesive on the eyelash extension to work as instructed.  

10. Is your application up to scratch?  If you had retention issues with your previous adhesive it could very well mean you need a touch up on your lashing techniques.  Make sure those bases are tightly adhered to the natural lash!  

If you had great retention with your previous adhesive and are now experiencing poor retention & you have ruled out all these issues, maybe the adhesive is just not for you.  We all have a different work style.  You should also ask yourself, if retention was already great, why try something new?  Are those reasons really worth changing for?

If you have been having retention issues for a while no matter what you try, you might need to step back to basics.  Can you ask your trainer for assistance, or will your supplier help you to uncover where the problem lies?  


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