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C Curl Prime Silk Lash Trays - Beautier

$15.99 $26.00

Type: Beautier Prime Silk Lashes - Hand made with sterilized Korean PBT Materials. 

Colour: Semi-Matte Black

Curl: C Curl – very popular curl that suits most eye shapes that gives more of a lift and eye-opening effect. 

BD & L+ curls also available. 

Thickness: 0.06 - Extremely fine lashes for up to 7D Russian volume lashing, stacking and capping or for very fine lashes.  

0.07 - Super fine lashes for up to 6D Russian volume lashing, capping and stacking or very fine/blonde natural lashes.

0.10 - Fine lashes for up to 2D Russian volume lashing, capping and stacking or very fine/blonde natural lashes.  Can easily be mixed with 0.07 volume or with 0.12 classic lashes. 

0.12 - Natural size lashes which give a beautiful and soft set of classic lashes. Can be used on most natural lashes! Blend beautifully with 0.10 (classic or 2D) and 0.15 lashes.  

0.15 - Medium-sized lashes – the most popular for giving a great set of classic lashes.  Can be mixed nicely with 0.12 or 0.18 lashes, 

0.18 - Thick lashes - should only be used on very strong natural lashes. Closely monitor the health of your client's natural lashes to ensure no damage is occurring.  Very useful to "wean" clients off 0.20 lashes.  

0.20 - Thick lashes that should only be used on very strong natural lashes. Closely monitor to ensure there is no damage to long term health of natural lashes. They mix well with 0.18 for a slow transition to thinner lashes.   

Size: Large tray of 16 full lines of lashes, most popular lash brands have only 12 lines.  Single sizes from 6mm to 15mm available.

Mixed length trays include 2 rows of 8mm, 2 rows of 9mm, 2 rows of 10mm, 2 rows of 11mm, 2 rows of 12mm, 2 rows of 13mm, 2 rows of 14mm, 1 row of 15mm, 1 row of 16mm.


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