Prime Interval Lashes


Prime Interval Lashes

Please note, this product is listed in the clearance section and there are no refunds.  If you require clarification of faults, please contact us prior to placing your order.  

Some trays may be older stock and therefore lashes will come off the strip differently, or you may need to use double sided tape to attached strips back to backing card. 

This product is being discontinued


Looking for a gorgeous fluffy, organic look to your volume lashes?  These are the lashes for you!

Consisting of a random mixture of three different lengths in one tray - all you need to do is apply!

Type:  Beautier Prime Silk Lashes - Hand made with sterilized Korean PBT Materials.     

Colour:   Matte Black

Curl:  C Curl – very popular curl that suits most eye shapes that gives more of a lift and eye opening effect.  

Thickness:  0.07 only available

Size:  Large tray of 16 full lines of lashes, most popular lash brands have only 12 lines.  Trays with mixed rows of: